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Drinking smoothies is one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve your health.

Whilst we’ve always been told to eat 5 fruits and vegetables today, studies show that actually eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables can:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce the risk of a stroke, heart disease and cancer
  • Increase immunity and energy levels
  • Have a positive impact on your mood and mental health

Now even though 10 may sound like a lot, if you start your day with a fruit and veg packed smoothie, you’re probably already halfway there!

Not to mention it’s a delicious way to kick start your morning!

Positively, smoothies are packed with nutrients and fibre, helping you to stay fuller for longer as well as being a great source of antioxidants.

Plus, they’re super easy to make, taste divine and come with some great health benefits that can’t go unnoticed.

That said, here are 6 amazing health benefits of drinking smoothies everyday.


1. Control Your Cravings

As smoothies are dense with nutrients and fibre, they actually do fill you up for longer!

Usually, if you start your day with a smoothie for breakfast, you may not need anything else to eat until lunchtime.

In comparison, if you only eat a couple slices of toast, you may find yourself feeling hungry quicker and craving snacks.

I'm sure you’ve heard the saying; never skip breakfast, and it’s true. It’s the best way to keep your metabolism and body functioning properly.

Plus, you shouldn’t really eat sugary cereals as these can disrupt your blood sugar levels, in turn making you crave more sugar later in the day.

Therefore, whipping up your favourite smoothie is a great way to keep you fuller for longer and to control your cravings.


2. Increase Nutrition

If you’re struggling to include greens in your diet, smoothies are a great way to include them and increase your nutritional intake.

And by adding more greens into your diet, you will find health benefits that include boosting your immunity and hydration levels as well as your energy levels.

Moreover, high speed blending releases more antioxidants from vegetables than chewing, making digestion and absorption of nutrients a lot easier and more efficient.


3. Boost Immunity 

In order to fight off diseases and pathogens, your body needs to be nourished properly.

As we age, it’s normal for our natural immunity to decrease, which is why it’s important to increase our intake of antioxidants.

To put it simply, drinking a smoothie every day will provide you with optimal levels of nutrients, naturally boosting your immunity and keeping your body healthy.


4. Improve Skin

Did you know, our bodies are 70% water?

For this reason, hydration is crucial for healthy skin and smoothies can be super hydrating.

Essentially, smoothies that are made with more green vegetables will contain more water, which helps to plump the skin and improve texture and tone.

And those people who eat healthy, generally look more radiant, rested and have a real glow about them.

Bonus tip: swap your milk with coconut water in your smoothie; it’s not only more hydrating, but full of electrolytes like sodium, magnesium and potassium.


5. Alkalise Your Body

The modern diet today is generally very acidic because it’s full of processed foods, sugar, alcohol and low fibre.

Consequently, when the pH levels in our bodies become acidic, it leads to inflammation in the gut, which increases the risk of food intolerances and disease.

However, by drinking a smoothie a day, you’re actually boosting your body’s alkalinity, in turn helping digestion, acid reflux, intolerances, anti-ageing, brain function and hormone balance.

Lastly, another benefit of drinking alkaline smoothies is that they can help to prevent the growth of cancerous cells.


6. Up Your Fibre Intake

As mentioned in the point above, diets today are low in fibre and full of inflammatory foods.

As a result, more and more people are suffering from conditions like IBS, diabetes and obesity, all of which develop when we don’t eat enough fibre.

But, when you blend fruit and vegetables together in a smoothie, it means none of the fibre from these foods are removed.

To explain briefly, fibre plays a key role in keeping the gut healthy and ensures bowel movements are regular, which is important for our digestive system as it ensures nutrients are properly absorbed while keeping spikes in blood sugar levels low.


Rounding Up

Whilst smoothies are healthy, we drink them rather than eat them, which means we consume them a lot more quickly.

And because no chewing is involved, it means the body doesn’t get the same messages that help regulate how much we eat.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to choose a combination of fruit, vegetables and nuts to ensure you’re getting your daily intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibre.


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