Heavy-Duty Black Disposable Fork Set-40

Heavy-Duty Black Disposable Fork Set-40

Heavy-Duty Black Disposable Knife Set-40



  • Durable & unbreakable
  • Cold & heat resistant
  • Designed to complement any accompanying table-top accessories
  • Practical,safe,environmental,toxic-free,convenient,portable
  • Ideal for cafes, food trucks, parties, and other types of food service
  • Suitable for weddings and buffets
  • White color for easy coordinating with other white utensils and most tableware
  • Great for take out catering due to appealing appearance and versatility
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Heavy-Duty Black Disposable Knife Set-40

Serve up your best with this black heavy-duty disposable knife set. Its versatile, black colour and elongated shape enhance its overall appearance made to serve you and your family, friends, guests, and customers, with the best quality utensil. Perfect for any meal indoors or on the go, loved for its affordable elegance yet get-away-scot-free convenience. These on-the go, easy-to-grab but hard to bend or break are the perfect solution to all your needs. Stock up on these for more fun and less mess. This package will keep you safe through all your celebration and the partying, not having to stress about lacking a sufficient supply. 

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